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‘Sports and games build social skills, physical and emotional fitness. Sports and Games are a great lesson in time management and developing the spirit of competition. We at JSS International School, Ooty, promote Sports and Games at every level. With a team of well-qualified physical directors and coaches, students are trained and motivated to be well-composed and excel in the sports of their choice. We strive to promote the overall health of students through varieties of physical activities.


We at JSS Public School are determined to enhance the overall well-being of students. We make sure that students start their day on a high note with morning workout sessions. As a part of their morning routine, students can indulge in outdoor and indoor games.


JSS Public School has a dedicated complex for sports and games. Spread across acres, our complex has facilities for extensive sports activities.
The School’s sports complex includes two Football Fields, two Basketball Courts, and a Tennis Court. Exclusively furnished separate rooms for Chess and Table -Tennis which are accessible during the games hour.
Besides these, we train students for track events and promote their agility and endurance. Our dedicated coaches work towards molding them into athletes. Alongside track events, we throw equal light on-field events. Well-maintained separate fields have been arranged for Shotput, High Jump, Long Jump, Discuss Throw. Our students actively participate in the tournaments conducted by the English-Speaking Schools Association in The Nilgiris and also, other District and State level competitions. Needless to say, they have won laurels for the institution.
In addition, we have facilities for Horse-Riding, open to students during the weekends. Some of the recreational activities available for students-Cycling, Trekking, and Camping.
Our widespread space and healthy ambience provide a robust platform for students to accomplish their goals in sports and games.


Athletics have a profound impact on students’ mental and physical health. Under the training of certified and experienced coaches, our students have excelled in both field and track events. We tutor students and prepare them for competitions at Zonal, District, and State levels. Students can work on their passionate sport and thrive with assistance from our coaches. The school has extensive facilities to groom students in track and field events. We provide training beyond school time, empowering students with skills to outperform their competitors. We are focused on training students in more than 10 athletic games.


Our sports complex has two dedicated basketball courts with access to students throughout the day. Students can also take up either morning or evening practice sessions under certified coaches. Basketball courts are well-maintained with regular brushing and washing to provide an aesthetic playing environment. With individual attention, our coaches bring out the skills in each student. We have a designated school basketball team built with exemplary students. Our Girls and Boys basketball team have glorified in all competitions and brought laurels to our school. We provide an enriching environment for students to groom their skills in the basketball game.


Cricket provides the excitement of competition and promotes physical, mental, and social benefits. Students can avail themselves facilities at our sports complex to flourish in their desired sport. JSS Public School has a widespread, dedicated cricket ground within the premise. The cricket ground is well-maintained with regular pitch monitoring to suit the playing conditions. Our coaches train students for Zonal, District, and State Level competitions with utmost dedication. Students are given individual attention to realize their skills and choose their roles accordingly. Our extra coaching classes will surely enable students to outperform themselves and train them for a better future.


A special focus is given on our National Sports, Hockey. Hockey forms an integral part in enhancing physical fitness that has been in practice for years now. Our school has a sole hockey court, with separate field for boys and girls. We provide a safe and healthy playing environment for students and open to them throughout the day. Our students are assessed individually and trained to upskill themselves. Hockey teams from our school has excelled in various competitions and stand tall among other competitors. With certified trainers, our students push beyond boundaries to unleash their potential.


The school has two massive football fields, monitored and supervised by certified trainers. We have a strong football club headed by coaches and enthusiastic players. Our school has a self-made strong football team that has brought credits to the school at all levels. We strive to train students to unleash their potential and glow to their fullest. Our trainers are certified, striving to empower the fitness of students through regular and vigorous training. Our football fields are open to students throughout the day and students can train under the guidance of a trainer.


There is a designated tennis court in our sports complex. Well-furnished with equipment and lighting, students can access the tennis court at any time during the day. The tennis court is periodically maintained to give a healthy playing environment to students. Students are guided by our trainers to work on their skills and bring out their best. Our coaches tune students for various competitive levels with utmost care and dedication. Besides training, we ensure that students are given care with their physical fitness, injury, and diet throughout their training period.