Modern Classroom

Well designed modern classrooms for smart classes to provide students with latest audio-visual teaching methodology. Modern classrooms have all the smart furniture suitable for kids and other soft toys etc.


Junior Block

School have junior block for Kindergarten students. They are learning about letters, shapes, colors and dance. Some children can even read! The kids are comforted by the “homey” feel of the classroom.

The Audio Visual Room or the A.V. Room aids in Multimedia Classroom Learning and augments classroom learning. The conventional classroom teaching methodologies are interlinked with innovative video capsules and PowerPoint presentations to keep the interest of the students alive and quench their thirst for knowledge.Audio-visual aids in the classroom can enhance teaching methods and improve student comprehension.

Today’s technology offers many choices to the informed educator who wishes to capitalize on a new generation’s appetite for multimedia presentations. The school makes sure that lesson plans that incorporate the use of audio-visual aids are used in sync with the curriculum.