International Boarding school in Ooty, India

“Steeped in tradition yet broad-minded”

Spacious Hostel Rooms - JSS Public School, Ooty

JSS Public School is a part of the renowned J.S.S. Mahavidyapeetha, Mysore, that has more than 300 educational institutions under its fold. It is recognised as the largest private effort in the country that is synonymous with quality education and social reconstruction. Sponsored and nurtured by the great sages of JagadguruShriVeerasimhasana Mutt, Suttur, Mysore District, the Mahavidyapeetha is headed by Jagadguru Shri Shivarathri Deshikendra Maha Swamigalavaru, our guiding force and mentor. According to legend, AdiJagadguru, who helped to maintain peace in the region between Raja RajaChola of Kanchi and Raja Malla of Talkad, through his spiritual teachings and timely intervention, founded the Mahavidyapeetha of Suttur in the 10th century A.D. Both kings became his disciples and helped to establish the Veerasimhasana Mutt at Suttur. Since then, the ancient Peetha has been actively involved in developing religious and spiritual thoughts, culture and literature, especially in the field of education.

JSS Public School in Ooty, an elite choice for students’ intellectual development in all features of learning. A multicultural environment associated with rationalistic views on young minds enhances their future life. JSS Public admits students from various countries and continents who seek to grab their knowledge and improve their skills in scholastic and co-scholastic domains.

Benefits of admitting students to JSS Public School

Over the past decade, JSS Public School in Ooty, have been gaining popularity all over the world. A world-class education system, student-centric curriculums, digital classrooms, and worldwide acceptance of syllabus have attracted parents to admit their children to JSS Public School.

World-class infrastructure

Each classroom is spacious with good ventilation, lighting, comfortable individual desks, chairs and inherent storage cupboards. Interactive boards, projectors, intercom facilities, video conferencing facilities make your children grasp the concepts in an enhanced way. We have ample tree-bound outdoor spaces encircling our campus. JSS Public School in Ooty facilitated with a vast sports area, best library house including reprographic facilities. Our cleaned and pleasant cafeteria helps students to fill their appetite at lunch hours.


Making your children study in JSS Public School in Ooty will develop a worldwide network of friends. Students can enter their global career world without fear and doubts. We develop students to be more compassionate, concerned, and disciplined to be global citizens. Our state of art video conferencing facilities make students interact with global lecturers, attending seminars worldwide. Interactions with distant experts and discussing with those experts will be an eye-opening experience for students. This will be like an imprinted knowledge forever in their minds. We bring foreign faculty for visiting our children and make them interact with students. Thus students will gain a unique learning exploration.

Student-teacher rapport

Teachers upgrade the cognitive skills of students right from the toddler stage. They make students talk about their perspectives on world views towards the class people. We provide a multicultural classroom for students to exchange their ideas, news and their brought-up cultures from their home country. This widens their knowledge of the world beyond textbooks. They will have a clear-cut understanding of curriculum concepts with more intensified and practical learning.

Improve linguistic fluency

English, a global language of communication, will be improved in JSS Public School in Ooty. As people from all over the world come together to learn, the common way to address and communicate with each other linguistically is English. Students will get trained in accents and styles of the English language quickly. In the future, this will be useful to place themselves in top universities in the UK and USA.

Personality Development

Childhood personality development is a crucial part that needs to be guided in the right way. The attitudes and behaviours moulded in right paths never fail a person to direct in wrong roads in future situations. It decides the true reflection of one’s inner self. Teachers in JSS Public School in Ooty will provide the right track for students to gain confidence, self-esteem and nurture a quality personality for better social and professional life.

Co-scholastic domain

Co-scholastic activities are building blocks for mental and physical health apart from studies. Sports, recreational activities, arts and crafts, yoga, awareness camps, volunteering social activities, field trips etc., come under this category. JSS, an JSS Public School in Ooty, is furnished with well-laid tracks, grounds with isolated tennis, football, basketball, badminton courts inside the campus. Students under the supervision of trained instructors and coaches play tournaments with other school players. Craft classes are conducted to improve students’ fine motor skills. Apart from the fact that studies only help students to build a progressive career, children who are exemplary in soft skills can also have a bright future if they are learning with interest.

The curriculum of JSS Public School in Ooty

A Student-centric curriculum enriches observation, reasoning, experimentation with practical perspectives and approaches. JSS assesses and evaluates with a continuous comprehensive assessment which always steps forward to bring the intellectual thoughts out of students. The curriculum across all grades is more focused on integrated learning.

A continuous and comprehensive evaluation is more like self-testing the student’s ability. Raising questions about topics, self-analyzing the topics, performance checking and self-improving the concepts by students themselves are highlights of CCE. With CCE students and teachers can understand areas of study where they can improve their learning.CCE is a holistic approach to learning with blended theoretical and practical knowledge. CCE shatters the big topics into small and simple concepts for better understanding. CCE allows class XI students to choose their academic choice of subjects for academic excellence.

JSS, the best boarding school in ooty imparts equal opportunities to all students across grades to achieve their goals in education. Rote learning, a beneficial technique of teaching mathematical concepts. Students will memorize and recollect mathematical formulae and steps at ease. This learning technique is gaining popularity among CBSE-affiliated schools.

Boarding facilities of JSS Public School in Ooty

For first-time hostelers adapting to a new environment is always a difficult one, but JSS welcomes hostellers with a good environment, amenities and ambience. JSS hostels are students home away from home. Dorm parents will take care of students in case of any illness, sickness or any other problems. Our hostel schedules never failed to keep the physical and mental health of students in a phase.

Interacting with your peers in hostels and classrooms builds a sustainable friendship for a lifetime. JSS provides nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle of students. The food prepared is wholesome and hygienic. The food is prepared in a clean environment following the safety measures to keep the standards of JSS Public School in Ooty. JSS concerns the safety and security of every student. Security guards, helpers and dorm parents make sure the students are safe at all times. Security cameras are installed all over the hostel and school campus to ensure the prevention of unnecessary trespassing or any other activities within the hostel campus.

JSS- A Place for inquisitive learners!

Why choose JSS for your children is because students will set their own pathways and strive to be unique among the perpetual world. JSS has set footprints in the school domain since 1991. The mentors, dorm parents are well experienced to take care of your children in Ooty hostel school. JSS not only provides good education but also carves the best skills out of every student.