JSS Group of Institutions

General Education

  • Balajagat and Creches
  • Heritage Institutions
  • Hindi Vidyalayas
  • Sahana Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Akshara Dasoha
  • Public Schools
  • Pre-University Colleges
  • Degree Colleges
  • Post-graduate Institutes
  • Teacher Training
  • JSS Halbhavi School of Art
  • JSSKOS – Open School

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Medical Education

  • JSS Ayurvedic Medical College, Mysore
  • JSS Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences
  • JSS college of Physiotherapy
  • JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysuru
  • JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing, Dharwad
  • JSS School of Nursing, M.G.Road, Mysuru
  • JSS School of Nursing, MM Hills road, Kollegal
  • JSS School of Nursing, B.R. Hills Road, Chamarajanagar
  • College of Nursing
  • JSS Medical College
  • JSS Dental College
  • JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore
  • College of Pharmacy, Ooty

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Other Education

  • Engineering
  • Polytechnics
  • Industrial Training
  • Other organizations

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Supportive Institutions

  • Jana Shikshana Samsthana
  • JSS Krishi Vignana Kendra
  • Nodal Centre
  • Karnataka Open School
  • Civil Work
  • Advanced Welding Training Center
  • JSS Advanced Jewellery Design Technology Centre

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JSS Public, the best schools in Ooty with an enormous campus area and a pleasant atmosphere located at Fernhill, Ooty. The school provides education from pre-school to higher education with the CBSE Board of education. JSS is well known for its enhanced pedagogy and supporting friendly teachers. Exquisitely designed school with Smart classrooms, well-laid grounds, exhaustive books library, well-resourced laboratories and a well-facility hostel. We now admit students of both hostellers and day scholars.

Our stance as best schools in Ooty

We have marked our presence in the education sector since 1991. We discover every child’s skills and talents and cultivate them for a bright future. Every child is capable of succeeding in what they dream and pursue. Our student has triumphed in academics, sports and extracurricular activities. JSS develops your child a prolific personality with good manners and respectful behaviour. The school environment makes students build confidence as an individual socializes with other people. JSS assures students will acquire a transformational learning experience with our lively education systems.

Co-education system of education

The Co-education system builds a healthy competition between the students in classrooms. It breaks gender stereotyping and promotes learning with gender equality. Helping each other, sharing each other’s thoughts and opinions raise good friendships among students. Societal growth starts right from childhood where students learn to understand and respect the other gender. The factors like teamwork, team spirit, socialization in the Co-education system will make students stay ahead of others in their workplaces. We prepare your child to be a provocative person! Choose the best schools in Ooty to envision your child’s dream!

Campus facilities

Digital classrooms with projectors, smart boards, video conferencing facilities are available on our campus. Large auditorium for conducting activities and programs in school. Libraries related to the subject and non-subject books make students enjoy their leisure time. We introduce book reading habits from childhood for better cognitive thinking among students. Nature-oriented school compound with fresh air and natural light. The basic amenities like drinking water, medical room, stationery space were situated within the school campus. Parents make the right choices by picking the best schools in Ooty for your children!

CBSE Education board

The CBSE Education system always provokes the child’s creativity skills. The interactive, experiential learning process, participative classes, rote learning skills, on-field experiences, hand-in-hand teaching, student-centric approaches serve as key differentiators from other boards of education. We make a difference in learning by adopting these methods in scholastic and non-scholastic areas. A par excellence curriculum with formative and summative assessments, seminars, demonstrations of concepts make your child stay ahead in this competitive world. We stay ahead as the best schools in Ooty with our teaching concepts.

Residential facilities

JSS, a Residential school in Ooty provides well-furnished hostels with spick and span rooms, dormitories, fine dining establishments, nutritious food. Our hostels feel like home to students. Dorm parents take care of every hosteller, make them speak out their problems, feelings and find solutions as early as possible. The safety and hygiene were concerned within the hostel premises by the management. A balance of study hours and proper sleep time was maintained within the hostel timings. A disciplined timing and schedules at the hostel make students learn time management. JSS Public, the best schools in Ooty is renowned for its excellent hostel facilities.


Our school supports sports activities no less than academics. We construct laid out proper practice places for tennis, football, volleyball, badminton, etc., Our physical instructors will train the interested students and send them to tournaments. The champion players of JSS Public, the best schools in Ooty, have attained victories in matches and tournaments. Performing sports encourages students’ physical and mental health.


Our experienced, polite and kind staff teach in-depth concepts with patience until the students completely understand them. Faculties detailed explanations and live demonstrations of scientific concepts and experiments avail students that they need not be mugging up instead they write the concepts in their creative write-ups. Our mentors never hesitate to teach the concepts twice or so on. JSS Public, the best schools in Ooty, has a separate team of faculties for each academic subject. Every faculty is expert and skilled in their domain of teaching. Our engaging mentors imbue concepts in simple words of how students can get into their minds.

Co-curricular activities

JSS, Co-educational boarding schools arrange separate trainers for co-curricular activities like dancing, swimming, yoga, singing, arts and crafts, music, etc., Students can make the best use of the opportunity to shine in those activities. Interested students can enroll and take part in those classes during every week class timings. As a refreshing weekend activity, students were taken to nature walks, boating, camping, zoo visits, sanctuary visit, etc., We conduct competitions such as elocution, essay writing, poem writing, etc., on occasional days to bring out their hidden talents. The WOW- Word of wings is a school phonic-based integrated reading program conducted to enhance the reading culture among students. Create your children a memorable school life by selecting the best schools in Ooty.

Councils and school clubs

Being a part of the student council, students learn the leadership and responsibility qualities. It is an opportunity to gain more networks with other grades of students. The best way for students to engage in social activities and work. Students will learn more about themselves when they work in councils. These activities indulge behaviors to safeguard our environment like planting trees around the school campuses, maintaining a garbage-free school, and not wasting food and water. NSS and NCC camps build stamina in students through various physical activities.

Why does JSS serve the best school among people?

With these exhaustive facilities, JSS serves as the leading CBSE school in Ooty. We are proud to say that our alumni students today succeed in life and career in different domains and places. Parents trust JSS for our enhanced teaching process and adaptability to changes in the education system. That is why we stand as the best schools in Ooty over these years.