Co-Curricular Activities

Annual day dance celebrations - JSS Public School, Ooty
Science Expo - JSS Public School, Ooty
Annual day dance- JSS Public School, Ooty

Co-curricular activities are a utility that makes students personalities. Co-Curricular activities are an integral part of the school curriculum and play a vital role in molding students for a better future. Co-curricular activities instill various skills- social skills, intellectual skills, and moral values- in students.

We at JSS focus on revealing the talents of young minds and strive to nurture them on the right path. Our skilled and experienced professionals aim to channel students’ thoughts, imbibe leadership qualities and guide them to realize their passion. We provide individual attention to students and ensure that they work towards their goals. Students at JSS Public School have access to a wide range of co-curricular activities, ranging from Arts to Music. With designated space and a team to guide our students, we assure to furnish students with the best platform to excel.


JSS Public School has a specialized Arts forum to bring out and nurture students’ talent. Initiated under the guidance of experts, the Arts club motivates students to explore their interests and indulge in what excites them the most. Our expert trains the students in the best possible with distinguished features and techniques. We develop cultural integrity among students and assist them in mastering brushes. Our Arts club strives to build a healthy competition among students through periodic competitions and recognitions. We keep our students motivated and engaged throughout their learning journey.


JSS Public School has a distinctive Dance Club throwing lights on various dance forms. The dance club headed by experienced artists train students with individual attention. Our experts are skilled in Indian and Western Dance forms and have broad years of experience. Students from all grades can enroll in the dance club to work towards their passion. We coach on dance forms like Indian Classical Dances, Folk Dance, Western Dance, and Salsa. We train our students to exhibit their dance skills on a large platform. Our dance club is open to intriguing students throughout the day.


Our JSS Public School has a separate Musical Band troop. The club, led by certified and experienced musicians, strives to produce a world-class musical ensemble. With an exclusive hall for Band and Music, we provide premium training to students with standard instruments and facilities. We expose our students to varieties of musical instruments and world music. We organize annual events to motivate students to excel in their passion. We invite prominent musicians to drive them forward. We provide specialized coaching in vocals too.


JSS Public School is a pioneer in the field known for offering intensive courses on Sculpturing. We allow students to learn and explore the art of Sculpting. Through our Sculpting course, we expose students to the art of Sculpting through different materials like Clay, Wax, Wood, and Plaster of Paris. Students can take up the course of their choice to pursue art as their full-pledged career. We also give students the flexibility to opt for their desired medium of sculpting. With assistance from experts, we upskill our students to sculpt their dream careers.


For students to develop self-regulation skills, school-based Yoga is an asset. Integrating Yoga in education has proven to improve attention, memory and alleviate academic stress. JSS Public school believes in mindful movement through Yoga. We strive to promote social, emotional, and physical health in students through Yoga. Experts with profound knowledge in Yoga train students in nourishing their overall health. Students across all grades are encouraged to follow mindful meditation to relish the present moment. Yoga is an integral part of the education system with utmost importance shed on shaping the skills of students.


Martial Arts have become a peripheral part of the core curriculum. JSS Public School adopts an inclusive style of martial arts in its curriculum. Students are taught self-defense techniques and encouraged to implement them more realistically through engaging sessions. Karate is a great means to develop confidence and self-esteem in students. Students are martially trained for belt grading under the guidance of experienced professionals. We train students to face the world with every ounce of strength and confidence. Our students have access to an enriched and healthy learning environment with us.


The legacy of Bhajans stretches back centuries, with people slowly ignoring this fine art form. Bhajans have countless benefits, often overlooked by people. Bhajans help to quiet the mind so that the heart can open to the divine. The school has a distinguished zone for Bhajans, instilling traditional values in students through the esthetic art. We have a designated area with exclusive features to create a vibrant learning environment. We leave no stones unturned in enhancing the future of our students.