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Top-ranked English medium CBSE schools in Ooty

JSS Public school, a well-established and renowned institution among English medium schools in Ooty. The school is situated at a prime location near Ooty lake alongside a very vast campus of 31 acres at an altitude of 7349 ft above sea level. Since 1991, the school has imparted an outstanding education for young talents. It is a co-educational boarding schools affiliated with CBSE, IGCSE ‘ O’, ‘A’ and ‘AS’ levels. The pleasing environment and ambiance of the school make every child learn concepts. JSS school emphasizes knowledge, discipline and dignity to your children from grade 1 to grade 12.

JSS Public school welcomes boarders and day scholars to master their skills and reach heights in future life. We cater spacious and airy classrooms for peaceful learning of students. English medium schools in Ooty provide high-class quality foods for hostellers that make them feel at home! Our dedicated faculty team nurtures their practical insights and experience to younger minds that bloom one day in society. The faculties will clear the doubts of students with patience and revise topics for a better understanding of theories and concepts.

The school offers a wide range of academic facilities like library, physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory, biology lab, Computer labs, English labs, etc., Smart classrooms is an educational technology opted for digital gateways such as online web conferences, PowerPoint presentations, 2D & 3D animation, video and audio graphics to enlighten students with curriculum. English medium schools in Ooty often offer better retention of concepts towards children through E-learning.

Some advantages of smart classes are

  • Any time access to online information
  • Improves student-teacher interactions
  • Improves visual envisage and creativity
  • Experience the fun-filled learning environment
  • A Go-green classroom

Libraries are exclusively large with all genres of books and magazines. Your children can enjoy perfect leisure time at the library. The children have been taught to maintain silence with the act of reading.

Moreover, English medium schools in Ooty afford basic amenities like clean and hygienic bathrooms separately for boys and girls, transportation facilities, separate desks for students, cupboards or shelves for students, lunch-eating areas, mineralized drinking water facilities, canteens and playgrounds. A dining area, entertainment area better be found inside the campus. Our hostels are located within the campus area near to the academic buildings. JSS distributes school uniforms and school books to every student every year. Our JSS Public school enlisted among entrusted boarding schools in Ooty.

The co-curricular activities like art, yoga, dance, music band, Bajan, karate, etc., are also performed by various clubs and organizations. Recreational activities like trekking, camping, and cycling are organized from the school management to students. Debates, storytelling, essay writing, elocution competitions were conducted every year, and prizes were distributed during annual day functions. JSS has an exhaustive activity hall where art expo, science fair are presented for students and faculty every academic year.

We have a total student strength of 600+ as per 2021 records. JSS is proud to acquire 100% pass results of 10th and 12th batch students in the year (2020-2021). Our toppers secured the highest of 97% in grade 10. Our achievers of higher secondary have secured a highest overall percentage of 91.8% in science and 94.6% in commerce during last year. This victory symbolizes JSS Public school is one of the best academies among English medium schools in Ooty.

Apart from academics, Physical activity is essential for a healthy life. English medium schools in Ooty offer the best physical education for students aimed to achieve in sports. Our trained physical instructors and coaches guide students in diverse sports activities. Our JSS sports team has marked its footprints by winning tournaments and various matches conducted by the English-Speaking Schools Association in The Nilgiris. The ground is designed and well-organized laid-out tracks and distinguished areas for each and every sport. JSS has separate arenas for football, hockey, cricket, tennis, and volleyball. Students were separated into different houses and different sport competitions were carried on and winners were facilitated during house day celebrations.

Safety is the priority for a student in today’s society. JSS Public school is equipped with CCTV cameras all over the campus and school buses. Need not get worried about the safety of your child!

There are conventional beliefs that English medium schools in Ooty have higher fee structures for education. JSS breaks the regular rules and offers an affordable fee structure for the fruitful school journey for students. The best investment in life is education!

Importance of English medium education for a student

Although there are diverse languages spoken in India, English is the most influential language in practice. English is taking the common roads to communicate or connect with people. It is considered as a global dialect. Thus children learning in English medium schools in Ooty paves ways to pursue abroad colleges or foreign universities later

In this technological era, English proficiency is necessary to fill simple forms or applications provided in universities, banks or any other places. Even to quest knowledge on academics through internet English is essential. From a job perspective, all interviews in the corporate world and government exams are conducted in English. Make your children learn better by joining English medium schools in Ooty. If you as a parent choose wisely at the earliest stage of children’s education, then your little champs will carry pride for society. English as a subject in the curriculum from kindergarten will make your children start to think and make replies in English with confidence.

On an overall aspect, English medium schools in Ooty are beneficial, mind-blowing with enhanced amenities and JSS Public school , a great place for your children to develop as a multipotential mastermind. Create your unique path to make a difference in the future. Let’s children make each and every moment memorable with JSS Public school, the best schools in Ooty.