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Spacious Boarding Rooms - JSS Public School, Ooty
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Note : Morning Break, Lunch and Evening Break are provided for all students.

Key Features of JSS Public School Hostel

JSS Public School is one of the famed Ooty hostel school with 30+ years of academic excellence. None can disagree that the most memorable days in everyone’s life are school days and especially for boarders it was part of their life to cherish forever. Create those unrepeatable priceless moments with JSS Public school. It’s not only the enjoyment children acquire through boarding schools, they also develop their interpersonal skills and improve socializing with other students.

The key qualities that a student obtain from boarding schools are:

Time management

In simple expression, ‘ Time management is life management, ‘ the quote says it all by itself. Scheduled routine activities are followed by students in Ooty hostel school. Students who are disciplined to follow their accustomed practices will manage their time efficiently in the future. A systematic practice from morning study hours to sleep time is carried out in hostels.


Motivation gets you going, but discipline gets you growing. It is at a young age good deeds and positive thoughts should be impregnated on active minds. It is a must and necessary duty of every parent and teacher to educate discipline aspects to children. This epic quality will drive your children to reach zenith one day.

Self-confidence and self-care

Students from a residential school in ooty gain self-confidence and can sustain challenging situations. They can adapt to any new environment and mingle with new people easily. Boarders usually gain the knowledge to speak up and share their thoughts with self-confidence because of socialization in hostels.

Self-care is most important for strong mental health in people. Practicing self-care from a young age will mentally develop strong adults in the future. Children in Ooty hostel school can develop individuality without anyone’s support.

Quality of sharing

Students will be able to develop helping and sharing qualities in Ooty hostel school. The gained knowledge that can be shared with other boarders will strengthen the depth of the academic concepts.

Treating with equality

Almost most of the students are boarders from different cities and states too. Students will gain knowledge of different cultures and get to know the perspectives of different pupils. Students learn to treat people with equality in any situation.

Hygiene practices

Dorm parents make sure that the students are taking showers every day, making their beds every day, polishing their shoes, washing their clothes properly and folding their clothes and arranging shelves properly. The students are taught to keep their places clean and properties safely.

Our hostel facilities

JSS Public Ooty hostel school is constructed at an altitude of 7349 ft at Ootacamund with a huge hostel campus within the school premises. We are admitting boarders from grade I to grade XII in our school. We provide well-furnished dormitories and room accommodations with washroom facilities for boarders. There will be an uninterrupted supply of water and power for the hostel. We also have power backup options for emergencies. Students will enjoy the fresh air and nature in the hostel which provides a perfect atmosphere to study.


JSS, Ooty hostel school provides healthy and nutrient-rich foods prepared under hygienic conditions for boarding students. The food menu differs from day to day and is scheduled as breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. The food will be provided at a specific duration of time throughout the day. During snack time, dorm parents have engaging interactive talks with hostellers to get to know their school routines.

Dining area

JSS offers an enormous dining hall with comfortable seating options. Proper dress codes will be maintained in the dining area. Food will be served by wardens or servants. Food should not be wasted, so the quantity of food taken in platters should be taken care of by pupils.


JSS, Ooty hostel school provides complete safety to our students. Outsiders are never allowed without proper acknowledgment within the hostel area. Parents can visit their children at particular visiting hours during working days or weekends.

Dorm parents

If students are not feeling good at school, school staff will contact dorm parents for references. Children may be distracted by various incidents happening around them. Separate wardens for boys and girls were allocated to mentor the students and take care of them.

Study hours

Ooty hostel school follows proper study hours in the morning and evening for completing school activities. During examinations, students can opt for extra study time if necessary. Group studies are allowed if they properly keep studying during study hours. Any doubts or clarifications regarding academics can be cleared by their friends or dorm parents.

Leisure time

The leisure time shall be spent well playing or reading books. JSS, Ooty hostel school makes students feel as if they are at home. We provide indoor games like chess, carrom and we allow them to play outdoor games like tennis, badminton etc., with their friends. Playing will make their minds fresh and active and help them to maintain fit health.

Medical facilities

We provide 24 hours medical facilities for students. First aid kits will be present in each dormitory for emergency purposes. Parents will be informed about any sickness or any health-related issues of students in the hostel.

Hostel meeting

Dorm meetings are conducted every weekend to discuss any issues or problems and to fetch solutions to solve those issues. Hostellers should feel free to discuss any personal or any other issues from hostels. An effective clarification and quick fix can be obtained through these meetings.

Rules and regulations of JSS Ooty hostel school

  • Wardens will take regular attendance to check your presence every morning and evening
  • As the best schools in Ooty, We follow strict regulations of no mobile phones and other electronic gadgets inside the hostel premises
  • Birthday celebrations without the knowledge of dorm parents are strictly prohibited inside the hostel campus
  • Students should turn off their lights, fans before leaving the room
  • Students are not allowed to use kettles, electric heaters inside the hostel premises.
  • Students do not paste any posters or pictures on hostel walls.
  • Food provided should not be taken to their respective rooms or dorms.

We will make sure that our hostellers are

  • Eating at the right time
  • Taking a good and comfortable sleep
  • Performing their academics well
  • Taking proper medications (if they’re any)
  • Speaking with their parents properly without dismissing calls
  • They are undergoing any mental trauma
  • Maintaining a peaceful mental health

Student life is the seed of your life. Plant it wisely with JSS Public school, one of the best boarding schools in Ooty.