Leading CBSE affiliated school in ooty

The school has four sections: Pre-Primary, Primary & U. Primary (Grades I to VII), High School (Grades VIII to X) and Higher Secondary (Grades XI & XII). Following is the Scheme of Subjects taught at different levels:

Pre – Primary
English. Number work, General Awareness, Drawing

Primary & U. Primary (Grades I – VII)
English, Hindi, Bengali, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Moral Science, Art Education, Computer, Physical & Health Education, EVS, 3rd language (in Grades VI & VII – Hindi/French/Tamil/Kanada)

High School (Grades VIII to X)
English, Hindi, Bengali, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Moral Science, Art Education, Computer, Physical & Health Education, EVS &3rd language (in Grades VI & VII – Hindi/French/Tamil/Kanada).

Higher Secondary (Grades XI & XII)
English Core/Elective, Hindi Core/Elective, Bengali, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science, Geog, History, Pol Sc, PhyEdu, Sociology.

Extramarks Smart Learn Classes
IVWS introduced Extramarks Smart Learn Classes in 2014. It uses learning modules mapped to the syllabi of provided by various educational boards. These modules are based on a pedagogy specially developed by experienced educationists to benefit learning in class-room situation. The best of institutions in India and other countries use Extramarks Smart Learn Classes to impart education in class rooms. Our teachers and students have experienced this teaching andlearning method and found it very effective.

WOW – Wings of Words
WOW – Wings of Words is an in school phonic based integrated reading programme offered to students from grades I-Ill. This creates a culture for reading. Skills like visualisation, logical thinking and spelling expertise are developed through independent yet controlled reading of texts. Diphthongs, alliteration, setting and character comprehension are a few things this programmes focuses on. We offer online, offline, baseline and end line assessments to estimate a child’s reading level eventually providing them guidelines for improvement. Additionally, we have a user-friendly application for parents’ feedback, suggestions and student practice assignments. The primary aim of this endeavour is to develop a love for reading amongst students and enable them to frame their own imagination in the most creative manner.

JSS Public, a familiar CBSE affiliated school in Ooty with significant academic excellence and competent tutors, has provided a world-class education system to children since 1991. The Central Board of Secondary Education is a holistic system providing robust quality education to young intellectual minds. CBSE school in Ooty caters to a distinctive learning experience with its unique teaching methodology. It’s always a flexible, student-friendly and approachable system of study.

We strive to build the child’s future with improvement in social, physical and psychological activities and behaviours. CBSE’s system of education provokes a student’s hidden potential with its par excellence curriculum of study. CBSE’s design of curriculum helps your children to prepare and crack the toughest entrance examinations for top colleges and universities. The syllabus for a CBSE affiliated school in Ooty is not based on books but is dependent on the independent skills, thinking and talents of the students.

‘Joy of learning’ is what every child needs to acquire. JSS Public CBSE school in Ooty has never failed to set the standards of achieving educational benchmarks. The assessments and homework given to students are evaluated as per the educational set standards of the school. This helps educators to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual students.

Perks of choosing CBSE board of education


CBSE, national and international level of education, is well recognized all over the world. The certificates obtained from the CBSE Board of education are valid and add value to your future education and careers. Many foreign countries like Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc., follow CBSE as one of their systems of education.

A simple and easy method of study

CBSE affiliated school in Ooty follows an accumulative increase of subjects based on students’ grades. It is supposed to follow the standards of one paper for every subject. The students have to appear for only one paper for each subject they learn. This almost reduces the burden of study on every child.

Choice of Subjects

Students from grade 6 can choose their interest subjects as per their wish for their curriculum. A set of subject choices were provided to students to enhance their studies. ‘Explore what they love to learn’ is a motive followed for the CBSE school in Ooty. Students can focus on their core subjects from early grades to achieve their dream.


If a student wants to relocate to any other city or any other country, opting for the CBSE board is an advantage. Uniformity in the curriculum is followed in every CBSE school all over the country. Parents who have work transfers or travel cities for their work can admit their children to the best CBSE school in Ooty. JSS Public is one of the best boarding schools in Ooty with fine infrastructure facilities for hostellers. Don’t worry working parents, your children are in safe hands!

Linguistic Knowledge

A Student outgoing from a CBSE affiliated school in Ooty is undoubtedly proficient and fluent in English communications. The accents and styles of English speaking from CBSE schools will make a mark on your student’s interview performances in the future. Hindi in the curriculum is also the centre of attraction for most of the CBSE school in Ooty. The equal importance of both languages makes your children get through situations better. The students will easily break the linguistic barriers and achieve success in any domain in an easier way.

Supports IIT-JEE or AIIMS Preparation

Every year, lakhs of students are appearing for IIT entrance exams and most of the students who got cleared belong to CBSE affiliations. Additional coaching facilities for JEE, AIIMS are provided by the school management for better success for students. CBSE affiliated school in Ooty lay a good foundation for strengthening scores for any entrance examinations.

Pedagogy of CBSE school in Ooty

A practical approach of teaching methods with interrogative sessions with students has been carried out in CBSE affiliated school in Ooty. A lot of interactive activities are conducted for students to make them think out of the box. It induces creativity and keeps students excited about learning. These participative learnings make students connect with the real world and face real-life problems with ease. Instead of completely relying on printed study materials, JSS Public is bestowed with digital classroom systems. The classrooms are furnished with smart boards with LED screens.

An effective rote learning method assists students to memorize mathematical concepts and formulas with ease. It helps in quick recollection of basic concepts that are never easily lost from students’ memory. Experiential learning methods with live demonstrations, group discussions activities, field trips, interactive projects and on-field experiences were conducted for productive learnings. Field trips provide a great opportunity to explore the outer world for students.

The best teacher teaches from experiences and not from books. When a teacher conveys a real-world experience and situation to their students, it will equip them to face the real world with confidence. Sometimes teachers stimulate the minds of students by providing a situation and making them arrive with perfect solutions. Assigning seminars helps students to get rid of stage fear and paves way for competent communication. An inclusive educational approach is a practice where students with or without disabilities neglect any bias and get equalized opportunities in both scholastic and non-scholastic areas.

Smart classrooms

Smart classrooms are state of the art technical concepts integrated with digital displays, listening equipment, video projectors, etc., that keep students’ concentration alive and attentive in classes.

  • A novel technology that is readily available for students in CBSE affiliated school in Ooty.
  • Access to more online courses nourish the learning process
  • Build gaps between students and teachers through synergistic learning.
  • A simplified and easy maintenance teaching method never fails to motivate students.
  • Helps to identify individual students cognitive and innate potential

Scholastic areas and Co- scholastic areas

Scholastic areas have substantial inclusion of all academic areas such as language, mathematics, Science, Social Science, Environmental science, skill education, etc.,

Co-scholastic areas are functional learning of art education, health and physical education such as NCC, Scouts, Yoga, Craft classes, Game classes, etc.,

The framework of CBSE Education

  • The curriculum of CBSE school in Ooty is segregated into two semesters as formative and summative assessments.
  • Class XI and IX examinations are conducted as internal examinations and Class X and XII have external examinations administered by the government of India.
  • The same theory and practical question papers were delivered to all the students writing board exams.
  • The results for individual examinations are issued in marks but the report cards reflect only grades. The grades are provided with five-point scales as No rank systems!
  • CBSE assessments are conducted for 100 marks where 20 marks are for internal assessment and 80 marks for year-end board examination.

Recent updates in the CBSE assessment system

  • CBSE undergoes CCE ie., Continuous and Comprehensive Assessments enriching the all-around development of the students.
  • For the 2021-2022 batch of 10 th and 12th students, the board will conduct exams in two terms.
  • As per the new guidelines, the term 1 exam question paper includes multiple-choice questions and term-2 includes short answers, situation-based questions.
  • Students can write their exams at their schools as exam centres. Term 1 exams can be written online/offline as per the comfortability of students.

Tips to score high marks for CBSE Board exams

  • Attend all your classes and do not skip your exams.
  • Plan your study time schedules properly.
  • Follow a proper sequence and focus more on weaker subjects.
  • Prepare and complete studying your topics on time
  • Try to solve previous years’ question papers.
  • Make your answer sheets presentable and to the point
  • Take care of your health and sleep properly before taking your exams.

How to select the best CBSE affiliated school in Ooty?

  • Get to know the school’s early programs and activities accomplishments.
  • Look for the travel distance between school and your home and bus facilities
  • Check for the infrastructure facilities, amenities, faculty approaches, safety and security for your children.
  • Look whether the school gives value to the interdisciplinary learnings
  • Assure that the school is able to handle significant transitioning situations.
  • Check whether the school acquires goodwill from the parents of students and in society.

Why JSS Public, a Right CBSE School for your Children?

JSS Public, an International boarding schools in ooty with a huge campus and spacious environment providing the best teaching facilities and marvellous facilities is what more could you want for your children! Get on to the JSS family of learning and prepare your children for success!