We provide School Bus facilities to assure smooth commuting of students. The safety of students stands as our utmost priority. Our school buses are under complete CCTV surveillance. We give parents access to track the bus, and, also we at school monitor students inside the bus.

We have school bus facilities to various locations in and around the city, making movement easy for students.

Our bus drivers are certified with licenses and have years of experience behind the wheels of the school bus. Besides, we provide a caretaker to keep an eye on students inside the bus.

The transportation fee is payable on a term basis. Fees paid are applicable for a term only. To discontinue the school bus service, parents should convey this to the management before a month. Fees are non-refundable in such scenarios.

We strictly comply with time and ensure that students board the bus on time. We assure you that your students travel safely with us.