Hostel Features

  • A typical boarding school helps students embrace living in a community where learning, personal growth and exploration are the top priority. Learn the habits of living in JSS boarding school.
  • Deciding to attend boarding school is the first step which pays off in the long run.
  • Boarding students get a head start at preparing for life after school.
  • Becoming independent and responsible. They are challenged to develop the inter – personal skills with their peers.
  • Assistance from mentors – students get their support from mentors to complete their homework and projects.
  • Boarding counselors – counselors help students emotionally and socially.
  • Having these in mind our management has built “BLOCK-E” – for girls, “BLOCK-A & BLOCK-B”– for junior boys and “BLOCK-C & BLOCK-D” – for senior boys , with the bricks of care and affection.
Boarding facilities- JSS Public School, Ooty
Comfortable Hostel Rooms - JSS Public School, Ooty


Boarding Facilities - JSS Public School, Ooty
Students Dormitory - JSS Public School, Ooty
  • Sophisticated separate hostel for boys and girls from grade I and above
  • Only 12 students per dorm
  • Rich and hygienic food – Veg
  • 24 x 7 hot water and power supply.
  • Medical support round the clock and doctor visits every morning.
  • Recreation club – Craft, Puzzle time, Open talk, Traditional games, Cookery.
  • Amusement trips.
  • Overall fitness – Trekking and mountaineering practices are given.
  • Indoor and outdoor games are available.
  • To relax extravaganza events like light music are conducted.
  • Feat and Feast – a happening event for boarders to showcase their talents.


  • Wholesome Vegetarian food, Qualified Dietician, Menu Changes weekly…
  • Nourishment for the body – Health is Wealth
  • The school serves delicious vegetarian food that represents cuisine from different parts of our country. The in house bakery adds further zest to dining – Puffs, Rolls, Pizzas and other mouth watering savories are served after both continental and Indian meals. To inculcate fine dining habits, students eat out twice a month experiencing varied cuisine, at different eateries.


Doctor speaks

We provide prompt medical attention whenever a student needs it. The school also has a medical health cover for each student. This health cover besides providing a free health check up, covers the student for medical emergencies.